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Celebrating Three Years of ShiftED Consulting!

Yesterday, we celebrated the three year anniversary of ShiftED Consulting! It’s been a journey that has grown me in tremendous ways, and allowed me to do the transformative work I’ve always dreamed of. More than anything, I’m proud to be in continuous pursuit of the abolition of anti-Blackness and White supremacist culture in organizations and systems with my team.

My inspiration to start this practice came during 2020, a year that has left an imprint on the hearts and minds of so many of us. I’d be lying if I said that this journey hasn’t been filled with many of the same things that I coach so many individuals and organizations through: imposter syndrome, anxiety, and fear. Yet and still, the experience has taught me that the principles I’ve designed work, and that there is a future where the harms of systemic anti-Blackness can be shifted for the better.

ShiftED Wins by the Numbers

When I reflect on these last three years, I’m filled with gratitude to see the impact that bringing this vision forth with the collaboration and support of folks who are also deeply committed to building inclusive, productive, and thriving teams has had. Over the past year, ShiftED has:

  • Provided 100+ hours of executive coaching to mid-career and C-suite leaders.

  • Hosted nearly 10 virtual webinars.

  • Had 100% of clients renew and/or extend their contracts.

  • Supported women of color affected by layoffs in multiple sectors with more than 20 hours of pro-bono coaching.

  • Since resuming in-person work, facilitated 5 in-person workshops.

  • Been featured as the All in Cincinnati Business of the Month 2x.

Authentically Me Fellowship Highlights

The Authentically Me Fellowship has continued to grow in ways that make space for more women of color to explore how both White supremacy culture and internalized racial oppression impact their competence and confidence at work. The fellowship received sponsorships from over twenty companies and universities.

We welcomed a team option for organizations that want women of color to experience the fellowship together. In conjunction with this, we also piloted a small group coaching program for White women who manage women of color.

With the fifth cohort kicking off today, I’m inspired by the dozens of women of color who began the fellowship feeling deflated, dejected, and questioning their worth, but leave with a renewed sense of confidence and purpose. It reminds me that our experiences and satisfaction at work matters, and that with intentional community building and support, it’s possible to shift your experience and feel empowered in being our most authentic selves.

You can sign up for the fall cohort of the Authentically Me Fellowship by clicking here.

What’s Next?

When I dream up what the next three years for ShiftED Consulting will look like, I see a practice that calls in even more organizations and individuals into the work of dismantling systems of oppression. With mounting attacks on DEI work, the attempted suppression of the history of racial oppression, and anything that would dare to promote justice and equity for Black people, ShiftED’s work is more important than ever. I hope you’ll continue to take this ride with me as we build a world where all children and communities can thrive.

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