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About the Course

Quarter 4 Executive Coaching Special




3 months of coaching


My Coaching Philosophies

- I interrupt anti-Blackness and White Supremacy Culture as a coach, it is incredibly important that my actions as a leader illustrate the freedom that I’m hoping to create with others. I will also work with you to interrupt these patterns in your own thinking and actions 

- I want you to unleash the best version of you, free from the constraints placed on us from surviving a culture deeply entrenched in anti-Black racism and White Supremacy Culture

- This looks like radical honesty and calling people in, holding people accountable, and 

prioritizing radical truth and empathy 

- This also looks like interrogating and interrupting perfectionism, urgency culture, and fear 

- I prioritize context; I want to strategically understand the why behind choices and decision and I want to help you feel comfortable asking these questions and remembering your devine choice to say no when you are not aligned to the decisions happening around you

- I prioritize accountability and disrupt infantilizing Whiteness as inherently innocent 

- I believe that leaders need to understand the expectations and be supported to meet those expectations. I will help you get clear on your expectations and  the expectations for your team. Clarity creates focus and action.

- I Center Emotional Intelligence and I will work with you to get comfortable expressing your emotions and learning how to navigate emotions as a leader

- I focus on creating the conditions for people to thrive and I will help you learn what you need in order to thrive.

Your Instructor

Vanity Jenkins

Vanity Jenkins is the CEO of ShiftED Consulting. She created the organization with the vision of abolishing racism and anti-blackness from organizations across America. ShiftED’s mission is to provide communities the knowledge and skills to eradicate anti-blackness and white supremacy culture individually, interpersonally, and systemically so that individuals and organizations can build inclusive,
productive, and thriving environments. Vanity has over a decade of experience working for and advising nonprofits, district leaders, principals, charter networks, and companies on equitable practices and racial literacy. Vanity has been guided by a lifelong commitment to equity for children, families, and communities. She has designed and facilitated content to over 2000 principals, non-profit employees, and C-Suite leaders across the country. The content that she has designed has always been grounded in culturally relevant leadership and organizational equity. An inclusive, goals-oriented leader, Vanity’s teams consistently scored in the top 10% on the national Great Places To Work Survey. Vanity is bolstered by the hope that the work she does will one day lead to the dismantlement of systems of oppression and that there will exist a world in which all children and communities thrive. Vanity holds certifications in Women’s Leadership, Restorative Justice, and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy. She is a current PhD student studying how DEI policies have failed women of color and allowed colorblind racism to thrive.

Vanity Jenkins
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